Long Story Shorts is a creative development initiative that we established in 2018 as an outlet for producing short narrative films strictly for Instagram. We came to the realization that no one was out there specifically creating one-minute film content solely for Instagram and thought it was a perfect platform to challenge ourselves to tell stories in a finite amount of time. While the screen time itself is brief, so is the process behind it, as each Long Story Short is produced within set parameters to keep production mobile and manageable.

These projects are purely passion driven and predominantly produced in house, though we have collaborated with some other production companies and directors along the way. Follow the Long Story Shorts account on Instagram.

While Long Story Shorts, predominantly lives on the ‘gram as it’s intended platform, have a look at a few of our past projects below. Interested in collaborating on a Long Story Short or submitting a script? Email us at work@maestrofilmworks.com!

Long Story Shorts