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Jacob – Andrew Pearl @andrewjpearl
Demon – Chris Mason @grumbilo

Director – Patric Mason @patrick_m_mason
Producer – Kris Mendoza @krismendozadotcom
DP – Quinton Brogan
Art Director – Kate Feher @feheraoh
AD – Jo Shen @joshen09
Editor – Priscilla Ocasio @ocasiofilms
AC/Gaffer – Weston Fahey @westonfahey
Makeup Artist – Fre Howard @facesbyfre
PA – Rebecca Schwartz @becschwartz
Colorist – Jason Druss
Composer – Ryan Moore @ryanmoore_composer
Sound Design – Zak Devries @zakdevries
VFX: Jacob Schwartz @jacob8755 & Anthony Pil
Compositor – Andrew Czudak @kazoodac

In this Long Story Short installment, we branched out to collaborate with director Patrick Mason to create this bedroom horror.  Patrick and his team supplied some big guns like the talented Andrew Pearl and DP Quinton Brogan while our Maestro team set to work bringing the scene to life. We used our studio to build the main haunt, Fre Howard created the practical bones of our demon, and Jacob Druss put the finishing touches on the final reveal.  The real challenge was ramping up the tension at all the right moments, for which we needed Priscilla Ocasio, editor, who kept to the project guidelines of a one-minute-cut against all odds!

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