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Hero – Benjamin LeClair  @temporalscallywag
Villian – Doug Cannon @igotanf
Mom – Kate Feher @feheraoh
Kid – Noah Arevalo 

Writer/Director – Andrew Czudak
Production Manager – Jo Shen @joshen09
DP – Weston Fahey @westonfahey
Art Director – Kate Feher @feheraoh
Editor – Ed Cippola @eddie_sipps
Sound Designer – Matt Amadio @m.amadio / Shake Audio Post @shakeaudiopost
AC – Frankie Mills 
Grip – Max Grudzinski @maxgrudz

True to form, our animator Andrew Czudak plops us smack in the middle of an enchanting story ripe with heroes, quests, and villains…or does he?  Not all scenes are set, rather some transform from sheer imagination and perhaps a little friendly deception.  Our crew set to work, first creating the bedroom, and then the futurescape of toys and contraptions, polishing it all off with some clever atmospheric details.  Mind’s Eye brings us back to our roots with a nostalgic feel for some of the first stories we tell ourselves as children. 

3 Minds Eye Mosaic

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