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Not Today



Driver – Sarah Mercury @littlegirlarise 
Passenger – Jim Parrack @parrack120

Director/Writer – Tim Viola  @tviola
Producer – Kris Mendoza  @krismendozadotcom
DP – Chris Mercury @thechrismercury
AC Geoff Nichols @photogeoff
Gaffer – Weston Fahey @westonfahey
Sound Mixer – Frankie Mills
MUZ – Fre Howard @facesbyfre
Editing & Sound Mixer – Ed Cipolla @eddie_sipps
Colorist – Chip Murphy @chipmurphy
Assistant Editor – Abi Mejia 
PA – Kate Feher @feheraoh
Phone Artwork – William Stitt & Chris Hytha  @_willpower_ +
Music – Vivaldi, Four Seasons, 1st Movement by Wilfred Symphony Orchestra

Our most compact set yet, Not Today was filmed entirely in the front seat of a parked car with writer/director Tim Viola at the helm.  His main character, played by Sarah Mercury, is faced with the challenge of taking back control.  In a theater of fear and stress, she must navigate her final thoughts and maintain her strength of self so she can seize the reins of her life.

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