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Young Audrey – Chloe Hally @chloe_joelle_hally
Old Audrey – Allison Kessler @alleycatk

Director – Erik Lu @lubesicle
Producer – Kris Mendoza @krismendozadotcom
PM/Editor – Rebecca Schwartz @becschwartz
AD – Jo Shen @joshen09
DP – Weston Fahey @westonfahey
1st AC – Mike Gallagher @sniwyekim
Gaffer – Frankie Mills 
Colorist – Rob Jennings
Art Director – Khadir Cade @killak_5150
Assistant Art Director: Kate Feher @feheraoh
Choreographer – Katrina Atkin @katkinnn
Chloe’s Manager – Sheli Hally @shelihally
Special thanks to Bok Building @buildingbok

What started out as a dance-off meet-cute evolved into a psychological dance narrative. Choreographing dance with a narrative is no small task. Director Erik Lu knew the story and theme but needed help in the dance department. He knew exactly who to ask, the talented dancer actress, Chloe Joelle Hally and the brilliant choreographer, Kristina Atkin. In just two rehearsals, they were able to create the essence of the film. 

Thank you to our friends at Bok Building, we were able to sneak in a shoot on their 5th floor before it had undergone renovations. To create a rundown medical floor from an old high school hallway required the vision and collaboration of our production design team Khadir Cade and Kate Feher and director of Photography, Weston Fahey. What came together is a result of everyone’s dedicated work and talent. See what we put together. 

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