Masthead2 Maestro Filmworks has been nominated for three Mid-Atlantic Emmys this season for our work on FTW Philly, a show we produced with Nerd Street Gamers which aired its first season this past fall on NBC Sports Philadelphia.  Two of these nominations celebrated Maestro’s achievement in Programming for Education as well as for Lifestyle, and the third for individual excellence in the category of Graphic Arts/Animation for our animator Andrew Czudak.  Throughout the season, Maestro chased stories inter-regionally, covering pro-tournaments, massive construction projects, university programming, and pro athlete team training. Executive Producer Kris Mendoza says,   

“It is exciting and validating to be recognized by our peers in the industry

and well deserved for the hard work the team put into Season 1 for FTW Philly.” 

  The Emmy Nomination for Maestro’s piece on FTW Philly Collegiate Esports dove deep into the burgeoning world of esports as a pro-athletic career.  It highlighted the gaming industry’s curriculum potential and covered schools such as Rowan University and Lebanon Valley College.  It exposed some big opportunities, not only for varsity and pre-professional levels but also for degree programs that would one day create gaming situations for other educations like medicine and business training.
“FTW Philly- Collegiate Esports”- Maestro Filmworks/Nerd Street GamersKris Mendoza, Executive Producer   |  Geoffrey Nichols, Producer  |  Joanna Shen, Producer  |  Marisa Magnatta, Talent  |  Weston Fahey, Director of Photography  |  Eurica Yu, Camera Operator  |  Conor Kelley, Editor
  Equally important was the nomination for Enabled Gaming, where Director Joanna Shen carefully told the story of a lifelong gamer who used his passion for gaming to create an innovative solution for him to not only bond with his grandfather but to also assist him as he battled dementia so he could sharpen his mental skills and rediscover the joy of driving.
“FTW Philly- Enabled Gaming”- Maestro Filmworks/Nerd Street Gamers: Kris Mendoza, Executive Producer  |  Alex Frederick, Executive Producer  |  Geoffrey Nichols, Producer  |  Joanna Shen, Director  |  Weston Fahey, Director of Photography  |  Rob Jennings, Editor  |  Kate Feher, Art Director

NATAS Emmy Nominations

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Maestro signs on to produce FTW Philly

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Maestro Filmworks has come on board with Nerd Street Gamers to produced NBC Sports Philly’s newest show. Nerd Street Gamers, a national network of esports facilities and events dedicated to powering competitive opportunities for gamers, has teamed up with NBC Sports Philadelphia to produce “For the Win Philly.” This broadcast focusing on the world of highly competitive gamers in the Philadelphia region will debut on NBC Sports Philadelphia+ on Friday, September 27 at 9pm.

The premier of “For the Win Philly” is launching alongside a weekend of events and festivities that lead up to the Overwatch League Grand Finals on Sunday, September 29th at Wells Fargo Center. Audiences tuning in to NBC Sports Philadelphia+ will get an inside look at the world of esports, its presence in Philadelphia, and how this massive industry is continuing to rise.

“Esports and traditional sports athletes have a lot of the same traits – grit, determination, and heart,” said John Fazio, CEO of Nerd Street Gamers. “‘For the Win Philly’ will take you behind the scenes to show the passion and stories of the gaming community in Philadelphia.”

”For the Win Philly” is centered on The Reversal, a National Championship Series fighting game tournament held in Philadelphia, the story will focus on the players behind the game, giving viewers an exclusive look into the world of esports and competitive fighting games at the ground level of competition. For the Win Philly also focuses on educating viewers about esports as a whole, and how something that was traditionally viewed as a hobby, has evolved into a billion-dollar industry.

“NBC Sports Philadelphia is the home of the Authentic Philly Sports Fan, and it is a natural extension of our mission to cover local esports such as the Fusion and Nerd Street Gamers,” said NBC Sports Philadelphia Sr. Director of Strategic Initiatives Todd Berman. “We feel we can bridge the gap between traditional and esports fans by creating compelling and original content across our platforms.”

“For the Win Philly” will be produced by Maestro Filmworks, an award-winning production company based in Philadelphia. “There are so many personal stories in esports that are just waiting to be told and we’re excited to be producing this show with Nerd Street Gamers and having the responsibility of bringing these stories to the mainstream,” said Kris Mendoza, Executive Producer at Maestro.

“For the Win Philly” Air Dates:

Friday, September 27, 9pm on NBC Sports Philadelphia+

Friday, September 27, 11pm on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Saturday, September 28, 11pm on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Sunday, September 29, 6:30pm on NBC Sports Philadelphia+

NBC Sports Philadelphia and NBC Sports Philadelphia is available in three million homes throughout the Philadelphia area. To find these channels in your area, click here:

“Across the world from South Korea to California, fans are wearing Philadelphia Fusion and Harrisburg University Storm jerseys,” continued Fazio. “The Philadelphia region has become an epicenter for the growth of esports, and we are excited to tell the stories of those making it happen.”

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