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Enabled Gaming

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Sometimes worlds collide and great things happen. Such is true when we had the opportunity to tell the story of our animator and unofficial IT guy, Andrew Czudak, and his venture Enabled Gaming in an episode of our show FTW Philly.

In this segment, directed by Jo Shen, we dive into Andrew’s love for gaming and how it inspired him to create an opportunity to connect and bond with his grandfather who had been suffering from dementia. He used driving games as a way to let his grandfather reclaim the sense of driving, keep his motor skills sharp, as well as use it as an opportunity to spend quality time together.

Sadly, Andrew’s grandfather passed away shortly after this segment was filmed. We’re lucky to have been able to document such a poignant story and bring it to the masses through the show, which aired on NBC Sports Philadelphia on December 12, 2019.

Andrew has been a big part of the Maestro family since 2013 and it was an honor for our team to have the responsibility of telling this story. Andrew is pursuing Enabled Gaming as a business venture, with the hopes of commercializing his prototype and bringing it to nursing homes for the elderly to experience.

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Clinical Pathways for CHOP

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is consistently among the best in the world and has been the birthplace for countless breakthroughs and dramatic firsts in pediatric medicine. Built on a foundation of delivering safe, high-quality, family-centered care, the Hospital has fostered medical discoveries and innovations that have improved pediatric healthcare and saved countless children’s lives.

To this end, we were honored to have the privilege of translating CHOP’s thought leadership for their Clinical Pathways into video form. This first installment of a larger campaign centers around the basics of managing a fever for both new parents and parents of young children. We are looking forward to diving into the rest of the campaign but are proud to present this first installment. Directed by Charles Morabito, Design & Animation by Andrew Czudak.


Elevate by Psych Congress

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with HMP Communications to create an animated teaser for Elevate by Psych Congress. Elevate is a seminar run by experienced healthcare professionals, and is designed to teach and empower participants to improve their knowledge and care for mental illness patients.

Psych Congress had just recently revamped their visual identity, which made us all the more eager to bring their aesthetic to life. We were given a significant amount of creative freedom on this project, which allowed us to push limits of how typical corporate animations can present themselves. Quick turn around times encouraged us to work smarter and more efficiently, from the initial storyboarding to the motion graphics animation and post production. The end result was a fluid and cohesive piece that we’re proud to share!

Producer/Director: Kris Mendoza
Animation & Design: Andre Czudak

Connecting The Dots Go Outward

Connecting the dots to go Outward

Recently, we worked with a Canada based gaming company called NineDots to create a trailer for their game, Outward.

Outward Game Trailer 2016 from Maestro Filmworks on Vimeo.

Delving into the world of video games was a refreshing change of pace for us. We collaborated with NineDots and NineDots CEO, Guillaume Boucher-Vidal and his team on the script and also animated their game’s logo for the spot. We had the opportunity to work with NineDots animators and artists to direct and capture game footage. It was our first time creating custom animations through in-game footage and it was super awesome living in a completely made up world!

We greatly enjoyed collaborating the Nine Dots team. They certainly gave us room to enjoy a lot of creative freedom in putting this trailer together which definitely made it fun and exhilarating to work on. And to top it off, the Outward trailer was well received online, garnishing over 25k views on YouTube!


Animation & Motion Graphics Reel

Hot off the press! We are super excited to share our compilation reel of recent animation and motion graphics projects we’ve worked on.

It’s always fun to be able to incorporate animation when the production calls for it because we have the ability to create the visual world in which the project lives. Sometimes the motion graphics is mixed in with live action footage and other times it stands on its own. Hope you enjoy the latest and greatest below!

Maestro Filmworks 2015 Reel

Maestro Filmworks 2015 Reel

2015 was a great year for Maestro Filmworks! It was our first full year at our new office and production space in the heart of Northern Liberties and we had to opportunity to collaborate with a lot of great clients, old and new, as we continue to expand. We’re looking forward to what 2016 has in store for us. In the mean time, check out our work from the past year!


Deloitte’s 2014 Global Report Video Campaign

We just wrapped up on a three video campaign for Deloitte and we’re excited to finally be able to share it.

Our team produced three short videos that combined live action and animation that folded right into the larger campaign Deloitte had centering around the theme “Making an impact that matters.” Watch the three videos below to see how Deloitte is leading by example by serving top clients, having the best and brightest talent and impacting society as a whole.

Client: Deloitte

Producer: Kris Mendoza
Director: Charles Morabito
Dir. of Photography: Bill Burke
Editor/VFX: Dennis Dmitriev
Asst. Editor/Motion GFX: Andrew Czudak
2nd camera operator: Paul Yee
Grip/gaffer: Paul Bradburn
Sound engineer: Matt Martin
Makeup/Hair: Rachel Estabrook
Music: Premium Beat

Logo Animation Reel

Logo Animation Reel

We just finished putting together a reel of all the logo animation bumpers we’ve worked on in the past year. These are always a lot of fun to work on as they are short and sweet but also a challenge to try and encapsulate a brand in such a short piece. The outcome always helps to brand a company’s videos both aurally and visually and bookend them with a little punch. I’m sure we’ve all become accustomed to the iconic film studio logo treatments before the movies we watch and memorize every zing and zoom from seeing them so many times, and that’s what makes creating these so fun!

Thanks to our various animators and musicians involved in bringing these to life.
Animators: Andrew Czudak, Dennis Dmitriev, Michelle Morris, Amit Ashraf
Music & SFX: Jacob Yoffee, Andrew Czudak, and (the late) Felipe de Leon