We Are Saarthee


Client // Saarthee
Director // Joanna Shen

Saarthee provides data-fueled insights for their clients. Their differentiator, however, is more than just their capability to mine or analyze data. It’s their approach to data and more importantly, the partnership they create with their clients. 

When Saarthee came to us with this project, they knew that they needed a different approach than the typical corporate overview video to stand out amongst their competitors. Our team at Maestro worked closely with Saarthee’s leadership to create this brand anthem that speaks to their mission and embodies their ethos. 

The word “Saarthee”, is derived from a character from ancient Sanskit texts that was considered a  trusted guide and that’s how the company views their position in helping their clients along their data journey. Inspired by the idea of a guiding light, Maestro tells Saarthee’s story through a curated studio set along with dazzling animation.

Sarthee Mosaic

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