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Take Back the Lunch Break


Client // Tork
Director // Jo Shen

Did you know that 90% of people agree that taking a break during the workday helps them maintain focus and feel happier? But 66% of employees eat lunch at their workspace. Our friends at Tork aim to reverse this lunchtime epidemic with their “Take Back the Lunch Break” campaign – and as big fans of lunch, we were immediately on board. 

The first video, “Name Tags,” speaks directly to the busy small restaurant owner looking to boost their lunchtime business, featuring a relatable character representing our overworked restaurant owner, we highlight the ease of joining in with Tork’s readymade toolkit and resources. 

For the second video, “Sad Lunch,” we decided to make light of those days when lunch becomes nothing more than a bowl of cereal or a handful of candy devoured between meetings. We call out the “meals” that are all too familiar to the overworked, busy professional.

Sad Lunches
Take Back the Lunch Break Mosaic

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