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let’s do better

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Client // Everest Isles x Let’s Do Better
Director // Mel Soria

In this project, we question the meaning of equality. It can and should go beyond just rights. The cause and effect is always far beyond what one may consider connected but once the fact touches each other, everyone should see interconnectivity. 

According to USA Swimming roughly 64 percent of African-Americans do not know how to swim. The gloomy reality that African-American children drown at 3x the rate of White children is a byproduct of a larger malfeasance. Similar to many widespread social or economic plights that plague the African-American community, systemic racism underpins nationwide efforts to erase the presence of Black people from coveted social space. 

To learn more, please visit Learn to Swim Campaign by Let’s Do Better and Everest Isles.

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