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Thought Leadership Video

Client // Deloitte
Director // Jo Shen
Designer & Animator // Emily Delp Poppa

As a product of longstanding societal issues around race, gender and ethnicity, conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion have become not only important but essential in corporations around the nation including Deloitte. In this video, Deloitte Insights wanted to  make this message the focus for their leadership teams, who build on the foundations for DEI by carrying through with its commitment. It is a long journey of change but Deloitte emphasizes that the benefits from prioritizing the basic needs of their people is long-lasting. 

For this video, we used a mixed media treatment with a focus on Deloitte’s “Green Dot” as the center element. Through simple shapes, call out texts, real life textures, and grayscale photos we created flexibility to seamlessly emphasize much needed statistics while giving us a dynamic look for an impactful design. 

2 DEI Trust Mosaic Final

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