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Educational, Healthcare, Medical

Client // Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Designer & Animator // Andrew Cazudak

Let’s talk about gluten! There’s a lot of buzz around gluten and many families are considering gluten-free diets. However, eating gluten-free can be expensive and not necessarily healthy. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) partnered with us to create an educational video for parents which outlines gluten-related disorders, symptoms to look for, and what to know before going gluten-free. 

What is Gluten? is one of a number of medical-related informational videos for parents that we had the pleasure to create for CHOP. Other topics include Fever and Dehydration. These subjects  can be dense and daunting for a parent with a sick child but CHOP provided the clinical pathways that make such information easily digestible. Our task was to make the subject more approachable. Originally inspired by CHOP’s character assets, we created a simplified yet clear design to demonstrate the steps a parent should take as well as what they should know to help their child feel better.

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