Animation, Data Analytics

Creative Director // Jo Shen
Art Director // Emily Poppa

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is revolutionizing the business and social landscape, presenting leaders with confounding questions about ethics, accountability, and governance.

With these circumstances in mind, we produced a 1-minute animated explainer video to break down this complex subject with sleek, minimalist visuals.

Our team wrote a script and developed storyboards to transform abstract concepts into an engaging, thought-provoking journey. In this futuristic universe our main character, who takes the form of a vibrant orange sphere, takes the viewer on a ride from disruption to harmony. Along the way, the sphere’s journey explains that AI already surrounds us and how to work with the technology to create a brighter future.

We picture a leader at Darwin, our fictitious client for this project, using this video as the opener for a keynote presentation on the far-reaching impact of AI on society, and how Darwin’s services can be a part of the solution.

Future of AI Mosaic

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