Stay True Philly – Summer 2017

Written by Andrew Vigna. Photos by Max Grudzniski, Kris Mendoza.

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While we are passionate about video production, nothing gets us more inspired to work than using our skills and knowledge to help improve the lives of local communities. We were recently given the chance to take part in the Stay True Philadelphia project, through our sub-brand, Philly Photo Studio, and we lept at the opportunity.

Stay True Philadelphia is a Philadelphia-based non-profit dedicated to inspiring local youth to become leaders in their communities. This admirable organization allows under-privileged, at-risk youth the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to become empowered, active agents of social & political change in their communities. Stay True offers a great variety of after-school, extra-curricular, and weekend programs for kids to take part in, combining academics and activism to give students an amazing service experience.

This summer, Philly Photo Studio will be partnering with Stay True for the sixth year in a row, offering introductory photography workshops designed to stimulate and inspire kids to express themselves through photography. At the the end of summer, the workshop will culminate in a  gallery showcase that will display the work that was captured by the group in the course of their day-to- day lives.

Stay True Philyy 2017

Max Grudzinski (photographer, Maestro / Philly Photo Studio) showing students photos from master photographers to get them inspired).

Along the way, Maestro interns will be documenting all the great events and activities that the students take part in throughout the summer, which will include bowling, camping, water parks, and various other fun activities throughout the city. Through Philly Photo Studio, we are also happy to be donating cameras, laptops, and a wealth of experience to help teach the youngsters about photography. In the words of our Executive Producer, Kris Mendoza, “If we could inspire even just one kid to take on photography, it would be a success for us”.

We know from past experience that working with the folks at Stay True is highly rewarding. It is truly amazing to see what the students are capable of achieving through photography, with just a little bit of guidance. It’s not every day that we are able to use our knowledge and expertise in such a meaningful way, and we really revel in the opportunity.

Check out the Stay True Philadelphia website if you are interested in getting involved with this quality non-profit. Stay True works with a number of well-known local organizations, including The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute, Philabundance, and many more. If you would like to contribute anything at all, Stay True welcomes donations, and all proceeds go directly towards giving students the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to commit to a life of public service.
IMG 9889 1024x683

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