Everybody Counts!

Once a decade, the Census Bureau fulfills a count of every person living in the United States, collecting vital data that decide how taxpayer dollars come back to our communities.  With such a task at hand, Maestro Filmworks joined the Bureau’s “Get to the Count” initiative to raise awareness and call our city to action.  


An accurate and complete census helps businesses,

community leaders and elected officials

determine where to put resources for hospitals,

emergency services, schools, roads, and more. 

You count!


Now more than ever, as evidenced by the pandemic and racial injustices, it is clear just how critical it is to be counted so that the communities most in need can get the proper resources allotted to them. We hope that the census and the recent activism around reform is a winning combination to begin real change we so desperately need.

Whether you are inspired by humor or by sentiment, these clips will get the message out!  

Directed by Rob Jennings • Animated by Andrew Czudak

Directed by Kris Mendoza • Edited by Rebecca Schwartz

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