Solepack Premiere Shoe Transport Bag

Solepack: The Premiere Shoe Transport Bag


















We recently wrapped on a bunch of short promo videos for Solepack, an innovative company that has created a clean and convenient way to transport an extra pair of shoes. While some of these videos live on the web, the main objective was actually to produce :15 second spots strictly for Instagram.

Mike Sala, founder of the NY based company, reported great success in marketing his product visually to Solepack’s plethora of Instagram followers. Having a fresh, innovative product that people don’t know exists presents a tough challenge to market online since end users either don’t know what to search for online or just don’t know to search for it at all.

Building a buzz on Instagram and showcasing his products visually and casually through social media has allowed Sala to get his product out there. Check them out at or follow them on Instagram at @solepack