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Documentary, Food & Beverage

Show // Breaking Bread
Director // Neal Santos

What started out as a pilot for an episodic idea resulted in a stand-alone short form documentary. The original idea behind Breaking Bread was to highlight food as the ironically overlooked catalyst for two parties to literally come to the table and “break bread.” They would discuss a topic that had implications larger than either of their own spheres or domains informed separately.

In this pilot piece, we worked with Hungry Pigeon, voted the best restaurant in Philly in 2017. Our goal was to tell the story of what sustainable farm-to-table actually entails, not when the term is used in vain as performative “green washing.” Chef Scott Schroeder and baker Pat O’Malley truly practiced what they preached, even if it meant having their bottom line as a business suffer in order to do the right thing. In this short doc, we follow the duo as they venture out to local farms and collaborate with Ian Brendle of Green Meadow Farms to source high quality ingredients locally and sustainably.

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