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Reel, Sizzle

Client // Maestro Filmworks

This portfolio reel features some of our best work in the corporate, commercial and documentary space. As with all things Maestro having foundations and brand attributes in classical music, we knew that the audio track for this was important and had to strike the right chord in order to encapsulate our overall vibe. Our lead editor suggested going with a track that was completely devoid of a beat or any rhythmic drums, which goes against one’s initial instinct when you think of “high energy sizzle,” but the violin ensemble as a backdrop is absolutely what makes this piece.

It was important for us to add to that foundation by injecting soundbites and natural ambient sound design to introduce a layer of storytelling we’ve become known for. Through the meticulous curation of our post team, we were able to sift through many past projects to collect the right combination of soundbites and visuals that not only worked well together but also doubled in meaning for our own messaging, approach and creative motivations.

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