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Keeping a smooth post-production operation is crucial at Maestro, and our newly streamlined process is what keeps us organized and moving.  Check out this feature article from Studio Network Solutions, highlighting Andrew Czudak, Maestro’s officially unofficial IT guy who was key to setting up our 8 bay EVO shared server storage system.  

Maestro Filmworks Scores with EVO for Esports Production

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Maestro’s Post-Production team, headed by Joanna Shen, rebuilt their video and motion graphics workflow last year, just in time to neatly handle the demands of producing FTW Philly, now a 2020 NATAS Emmy Award Winning program broadcasted by NBC Sports.  EVO’s automations engine and API, Slingshot, relieves the team from manually backing up media to any secondary server.  It automatically does that for them, and as we move into a second season of FTW, the collaborative ease of this EVO system proves essential.  Not only is Maestro able to have a team of editors seamlessly accessing footage, but EVO also allows them to edit remotely via Nomad.  The program automatically generates proxies when importing video files.  The team can then retrieve that proxy or source media at remote workstations quickly, which in a time of Covid-19 keeps us all safe without inhibiting our creative process.

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“We recognized that EVO is focused on not just storage, but being a complete workflow solution for production companies,” said Czudak. “I knew it would be a good fit. SNS understands what production companies need.”

Many content creators and post-production teams moved from in-studio online editing to at-home offline editing workflows this year.  So if you need visual/sound effects, editing, color grading, and motion graphics to evolve without media duplication or unintentional overwriting, we’ve got it all figured out thanks to this system.

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