Logo Animation Reel

We just finished putting together a reel of all the logo animation bumpers we’ve worked on in the past year. These are always a lot of fun to work on as they are short and sweet but also a challenge to try and encapsulate a brand in such a short piece. The outcome always helps to brand a company’s videos both aurally and visually and bookend them with a little punch. I’m sure we’ve all become accustomed to the iconic film studio logo treatments before the movies we watch and memorize every zing and zoom from seeing them so many times, and that’s what makes creating these so fun!

Thanks to our various animators and musicians involved in bringing these to life.
Animators: Andrew Czudak, Dennis Dmitriev, Michelle Morris, Amit Ashraf
Music & SFX: Jacob Yoffee, Andrew Czudak, and (the late) Felipe de Leon

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