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Enabled gaming

Documentary, Broadcast

Show// FTW Philly
Director // Jo Shen
“Winner – 2020 Mid-Atlantic EMMY® Award”

In Enabled Gaming, we had the pleasure of telling the story of one of our own, Andrew Czudak, a motion graphics animator at Maestro. Andrew has been rebelling against the idea that “video games rot your brain” ever since the very first time he touched a controller. Being a Nintendo game collector, video games have been part of Andrew’s life growing up. He truly believes that video games can bring more than just entertainment to people, “it has so much potential to bring joy, to inspire, to teach.”

Inspired by his grandfather, who had been suffering from dementia and had his freedom to drive taken from him, Andrew set out to recreate that feeling of being on the road through video games. What started with Mario Kart evolved into a prototype and the foundation of his business, Enabled Gaming. With it, he established a mission to bring the gaming experience to an unlikely segment of “gamers” who feel enabled by using it.

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