The Care Center

Our recent spot for Fox Chase Cancer Center with Dobies Health Marketing Agency really centered us and our work once we fully realized the importance of the care being provided to patients here.

Our Head of Production, Tim Spellman, says: “In our line of work, sometimes people joke that “We’re not saving lives here” in order to put things into perspective. Working on the Fox Chase Cancer Center shoot was a humbling experience because we were filming people and surrounded by those whose job it is to actually save lives. To be mindful of and respectful to that throughout the process is what stands out most to me from this project.

To translate the significance of the work at the Fox Chase Cancer Center, we set out to showcase several aspects of the treatment journey: from being welcomed into the center to the X-Ray room, we wanted this video to highlight the experience of being treated by the Fox Chase team.

Directed by Ryan Antrim (Dobies)

Behind the Scenes

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