SITA Active Spot

Sita Active is officially launched and we spent out first week of 2019 diving into producing their fun, lively branding spot in collaboration with Wyche Studios. The line, designed by Gianfranco Zani, has the mission of “Transforming women’s everyday wear with unparalleled versatility and innovation.”

On any given day, a woman takes part in activities that require different outfits: work, travel, exercise, socializing, and so on. We were driven to solve the problem women have of finding apparel chic and versatile enough to wear for every occasion.

Here is a look into BTS of the shoot, which also showcases the photo campaign headed up by Brandon Wyche. BTS video filmed by Danny Gevirtz and edited by Rebecca Schwartz.

Director: Charles Morabito
Producer: Kris Mendoza, Brandon Wyche
AD/PM: Joanna Shen
DP: Andres Torres
Editor: Ed Cipolla
Graphics/Compositing: Andrew Czudak
Art director: Kate Feher
Gaffer: Ashton Harrewyn
Key Grip: Paul Bradburn
1st AC: Weston Fahey
2nd AC: Jeff Matteis
BTS: Danny Gevirtz
PA: Rebecca Schwartz
Studio: Daylight Studio

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