Puentes De Salud

Written by Amanda Mc Donnell


Prior to 2022, when Maestro nominated Puentes de Salud for our Conductor Project, we did not grasp the monumental challenge of providing life-saving health services for Philadelphia’s Latinx immigrant community.

As translated to Bridges of Health, there’s no better way to summarize the organization that provides high-quality health care, innovative educational programs, and community-building regardless of one’s legal status.

People seek out Puentes for its medical clinic, but what separates them is how they address social determinants of health facing Latinx residents.

This resourceful group of doctors, nurses, educators, and staff utilize every skill in their respective tool kits to provide one thing: the basic right of health care to a community unable to access traditional treatment in America.

Some years back their work was showcased in a feature length documentary but they lacked a current overview of what they offer in a concise format.  Being documentary storytellers, our goal is to find untold stories, tell them in the people’s own voice, and give a platform to broadly reach viewers to evoke empathy. We are honored to have made our services available to bolster Puentes de Salud’s message.

Creative Producer: Mike Kaiser
Director: Amanda McDonnell
Producer: Hunter Davis
Field Producer : Melanie Silva
DP: Hector Tapia Aguilar


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