Filming in the time of Covid

Like many other businesses, the film & video industry came to a screeching halt in the early months of of the pandemic, but since July, Maestro Filmworks, along with many others, have found ways to capture video footage safely. In addition to pivoting to virtual and streaming services, we’ve managed to keep a slow but steady stream of work flowing by following strict health & safety guidelines as well keeping our rock star post team slated with animation and post-production only projects.

Safe Sets Certification

In addition to getting certified by Safe Sets™ International, the Maestro production team, led by Geoff Nichols, has been adhering to stringent Covid safety protocols on set. Masks and gloves are mandatory as are temperature checks upon arrival and many other guidelines on set.

“Thankfully, we have managed to continue to film safely and without incident since things started opening back up,” says Kris Mendoza, Maestro’s EP. “The important thing is we continue to stay vigilant and take things seriously, and not let our guard down.”

Interested in what pre-cautions you should take to conduct as safe of a film shoot as possible? See below for some of our things to consider:

  1. Clearly and visibly display Safety Protocols and signage in several places as well as conduct a safety briefing at the beginning of each shoot
  2. Temperature checks shall be taken before each shoot with a non-contact thermometer on the day of shooting. Any person showing symptoms associated with the COVID-19 disease should leave the set immediately.
  3. Production will ensure that disinfectant gel and masks are provided to all workers. A
  4. No non-essential crew, client or people may be present. Only the “essential technical and artistic film crew,” selected beforehand and clearly identified, shall have access to the film set.
  5. Masks are required at all times. Production will have backup masks in case a crew member forgets or mask malfunctions or breaks.
  6. Determine maximum capacity for each room in use, taking into account distancing measures.
  7. A sufficiently large waiting area shall ensure control of the in- and out- flow of people.
  8. Masks cannot be taken off, unless in case of extreme necessity (such as talents stepping in front of the camera).
  9. The premises will have sufficient toilets for effective hand washing, with water point, liquid soap, disposable towels and closed garbage can.
  10. A cleaning procedure for surfaces and equipment (including electro, set design, hair & makeup…) will be established beforehand and implemented during the whole shoot.

While this has been a challenging year in many regards, we’re grateful for our amazing clients who continue to trust us not just creatively but with their safety and well-being as well. The hope is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but in the mean time, be safe, be well and wear a mask.

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