Classroom Champions

As an early collaboration for The Conductor Project, we partnered with  Classroom Champions, which helps keep at-risk youth on track by bringing Olympians, Paralympians and Olympic/Paralympic game hopefuls on board as Athlete Mentors who adopt 1-4 classrooms per year across the US and Canada.

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Focusing on their own personal journey, athletes share stories of their experiences with rigorous training, goal setting, competition, and perseverance. Using video lessons and live video chats, students are engaged with their athlete mentors several times per month, like a 21st century pen-pal.  The program also supports teachers by helping them incorporate these activities into their curriculum, focusing on letter writing, reading, geography, math, technology, goal setting and leadership.

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In order to showcase the work of Classroom Champions, Maestro produced a short video that was used for both promotional and fundraising purposes.  This captured the essence of the program, focusing on the sense of inspiration and accomplishment borne in each student and fostered by their Athlete Mentors.

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