Challenge accepted: #icebucketchallenge

Ice Challenge Collage 1024x252

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge surely has taken over our newsfeeds by storm in the past few weeks. At first, I was personally a bit hesitant to get involved. It seemed like a polarizing thing on social media — some angrily saying to just donate, others partaking in the challenge, while many did both. Say what you may about the challenge, but the pure numbers don’t lie. At the time of this writing, the challenge has raised more than $88M dollars (source: compared to the $14k raised in the same period last year. That was enough to convince us that we had to get involved, but we knew as filmmakers we had to do something pretty epic. Our answer to the challenge? Oh you know, just a couple of dudes getting iced in super slow mo in the studio.

We sure had fun in the process, knowing our experience and donated funds are going to a good cause. Check out the video below, and while you’re at it, head over to the ALS Association homepage and leave a few bucks!

Thank you to friends of Maestro for participating and also to Descendant Films for the camera and LensLends for the glass. It’s only right we now nominate someone else! All of the folks over Stay True Philadelphia: you’re up!

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