Behind the Masks #1millionmasks

On March 27th, Maestro Filmworks launched Behind the Masks, a challenge and call to action to the creative community to make 1 million homemade masks to assist in the shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 crisis.

Just a few days later, the CDC put out an official recommendation for all civilians to wear masks as an extra layer of protection as well, furthering the importance and accessibility of homemade masks.

In an open letter from our founder, Kris Mendoza, the initiative was set into motion in an effort for those sidelined to channel their anxious energy into something productive. Here’s a clip from NBC 10 covering the initiative:

Interested in joining the challenge? Head over and Take Action to see how you can start making masks at home and join the challenge.

Here is the instructional video that the Maestro team produced in the effort to streamline the process for those at home:

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