Instrumental Orchestration

Video Production

Video Production Services

Film and video production is our core service, providing support from pre-production to project completion. With our in-house team and the network of professionals we leverage, our operation is scalable to handle any size production. Whether it’s pulling together the right ensemble to crew up for a shoot or orchestrating a post-production team to handle editing, animation, and finishing, we’re able to harmonize all of our services to let your project shine.

Creative Development

Creative Development Services

Whether the end product is viewed on the big screen or on a mobile device, it all starts with a blank page. Developing an idea into a full scale production is where we’re able to harmonize our creative depth with our technical breadth. Services include creative development of ideas at any stage in the brainstorm process, from scriptwriting to storyboarding to production design.

Live Video Streaming

Live Web Streaming Services

Live video streaming has become an effective and efficient way to communicate for many companies. Whether it’s for an internal meeting, a product announcement, a virtual meet and greet, or large scale event, video streaming has become a cost effective way to not only minimize travel for event attendees but has also opened up new doors for communication, collaboration, and collecting metric and data from customers and employees. Companies utilizing web streaming have reported higher engagement due to the relatively novel medium, which is simply an extension of our capabilities as a video production company.


Photography Services

With Maestro Filmworks’ subsidiary, Philly Photo Studio, we’re able to offer in studio and on location photography services for corporate and commercial projects. Established in 2012, Philly Photo Studio has become one of the premier creative spaces in the Philadelphia area where photographers from all backgrounds can come to collaborate.