Designing creative spaces

Maestro Filmworks is happy to announce some new upgrades and renovations to our workspace! As a creatively driven team, we believe in always pushing our limits and spurring creativity in new directions. As our company continues to evolve, so must our work environment. That is why we will be expanding our current studio (Philly Photo Studio) to a new 900 square ft standalone space next door.


Our new state-of-the-art studio will feature a freshly renovated interior, which we have been hard at work designing. Our team will also benefit from new smart office features and way more natural light. At Maestro, we believe in the importance of having the right creative spaces available for our staff in order to cultivate the most lively creative collaboration.

We’re also adding a new conference room and client meeting area, which is being designed with a vintage film and historic Philadelphia theme that we are very excited about!

After the renovations, we’ll be hooked up with some powerful smart office features, including Amazon Echo, smart lighting and thermostats via Philips Hue and Nest, and wireless HDMI meeting spaces for easy, wire-free collaboration. Our edit suite and office will also be getting a makeover, allowing for more workstations and an improved work-flow. With new gear comes new creative horizons to explore!

We are committed to providing our growing team with a work environment that will inspire creativity and new ideas. With the new upgrades to our space, we are enhancing our technical capabilities and efficiency, while giving our team more room to develop projects and collaborate.

We can’t wait to share our upcoming work with you, developed in our new and improved space. Check back for more updates and images of our new digs!






Run Signature by Brooks Running

In September, we hit the ground running at the ‘Philly Rock n’ Roll’ Marathon Health & Fitness Expo with Brooks Running where we were on hand to capture their new “Run Signature” mobile tour.

They created an innovative “Run Signature” mobile tour that analyzes a runner’s body mechanics and prescribes the right shoe for them based on their anatomy, running style, and fitness goals.

“Run Signature is the result of years of research Brooks conducted in partnership with Professor Dr. Gert-Peter Brueggemann, Director of the Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopedics at the German Sport University of Cologne, and Prof. Dr. Joseph Hamill, Director of the Biomechanics Lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The team discovered that all runners, including those at the highest elite level, have their own unique way of running and that embracing their natural movement can keep them more comfortable, efficient and happier.

Brooks is now bringing the science out of the lab with a custom Run Signature mobile application which analyzes data from key motion zones. By completing a squat and short run, the application identifies the degree of change as more force is applied to the body. The degree of motion signifies the level of support needed to keep the runner’s body in its preferred position. 1

For more information on the mobile tour, click here to see the extended video and read more about the Run Signature technology on the Brooks Running website here.

Director: Charles Morabito
Producer: Kris Mendoza
DP: Bill Burke
Gaffer/utility: Stephen McPeak
Editor: Ed Cipolla